Commission Time!

Do you need badges or pendants for your faction/guild/group/nation? Do you need wedding favours? Do you own a Bodice Pet? PM me with what you'd like, if we can sort out what you're after today I can have it ready for Odyssey, or else deliver it at the Gath.
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 [Feel free to delete this - I'm no good with knowing what's allowable to go where, so]

I'm a Malathian surgeon heading to Liberation - all well and good. However, it's my first LARP event of any kind whatsoever, and I'm slightly panicking as regards the logistics of the thing. I don't particularly need any 'how to get in character' advice, for various reasons (mentioning this because it's the main thing on advice posts that I've seen), but any tips (particularly from other surgeons) as to how to make the most of your skills/meet people/generally deal with a first event (especially as a lone wolf with no group allegiances as of yet) would be very much appreciated.

Again, apologies if this is off-topic/'take it somewhere else, newbie'. If it is, either delete or tell me so and I shall take myself elsewhere.