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event dates and Cliff farm [Dec. 17th, 2008|01:55 pm]
Maelstrom Player Froth


[Cross posted]

PD Events for this year

Event I - Easter
10th - 13th April

Event II - June
5th - 7th June

Event III - July
24th - 26th July

Event IV - September
11th - 13th September

So.. all the events are being held in sawley in derby this year.

Interesting and pleasantly close.

Does anybody know anything more about this? is this the new PD site?

[User Picture]From: kurenai_tenka
2008-12-17 02:10 pm (UTC)
Woohoo! :D

And ooh right, Sawley IN Derby. Heh, I was looking it up as if it was two separate places...

But how odd having all events in one place. o.o
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[User Picture]From: oldnick
2008-12-17 02:13 pm (UTC)
A quick bit of googling finds Sawley quite easily - it's part of Long Eaton, just east of the M1 - so no distance from Locko.

A bit more searching for the farm suggests that it's very close to the Derby / Notts / Leics border, which lies at the junction of the Trent & Soar just south of Long Eaton, quite close to the Ratcliffe power station who's cooling towers dominate thee landscape around here.

If I've got it right, I hope it doesn't rain too close to an event. Even if the farm itself is on Red Hill, the roads around here look very close to river level!
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[User Picture]From: oldnick
2008-12-17 02:26 pm (UTC)

phear my l33t G00gle skillz!

"The present study has presented strong evidence for a major Roman road heading north to the crossing point of the Derventio road. The afore-mentioned King Street Plantation actually lies on the parish boundary of Lockington-Hemington and Kegworth, between the two postulated routes mentioned above.
Meek (1999) noted that 19 th century documents refer to four adjacent closes called First King Street, Far King Street, King Street and King Street. The appellation can be given to Roman roads. The parish boundary here has a relative straightness. Indeed the straight line can be traced southwards to the northern parish boundary of Belton, with one slight kink. Projected northwards the line continues into the study area and is fossilised as Warren Lane. This continues to the north as a trackway to Cliff Farm. The
most convincing evidence for the route is the co-axial arrangement of the large cropmark site flanking the postulated route. The terminus is remarkably close to the aforementioned Billystones ford site, the likely crossing point of the Derventio road, and passes through the Iron Age and Romano-British scatter of LE 4721"

That puts it pretty close to Jcn 24A (The A50 junction off the M1) just down a little lane, or two.

Edited at 2008-12-17 02:26 pm (UTC)
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: bigbadg
2008-12-17 05:40 pm (UTC)
part of long eaton?

you mean that it's less than 5 minutes drive from my house?

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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: xarra
2008-12-17 02:15 pm (UTC)
Hmmm... About 10 minutes from my in-laws then. :P

That's actually a really decent spot. :D
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From: sea_cucumber
2008-12-17 02:19 pm (UTC)
Intriguing! Very glad they've kept to similar dates!

Not very close at all, but then again nothing is to where I am so I don't mind that much :D Just gives me even more reason to attempt to convince an official person that I am not too dangerous to drive :D
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[User Picture]From: thecorpsekitten
2008-12-17 02:34 pm (UTC)
Decent! Close enough for me to take a trailer tent to Event 1 :D:D
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[User Picture]From: chalicier
2008-12-17 02:51 pm (UTC)
Anyone with better Googling skills than me know which the nearest station is and how far?
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: rebby
2008-12-17 03:22 pm (UTC)
According to Matt:
Yes and no, it's complicated! It's the new PD site for 2009 (no really). We may stay there beyond that if we feel it's the right site, in the meantime we're still looking into alternatives.

Option a to any of those tht have seen the rule 7 discussions.

It's close to the M1 A50 junction.

It is meant to have very good drainage
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[User Picture]From: oldnick
2008-12-17 03:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks Reb

And for those of us who don't read Rule7, or on looking there now find a reference to option A, with nothing to say what it is, and can't be bothered to plough back through the thousands of threads on there...

Can someone give a one-to-two line definition of Option A?
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: ammos
2008-12-17 04:03 pm (UTC)
Hooray good site for me and other people I know who currently have not great or poorly knees. :)
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[User Picture]From: chalicier
2008-12-17 04:16 pm (UTC)
Likewise for my wife and one of our best friends.
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[User Picture]From: sesquipedality
2008-12-18 12:25 am (UTC)
Awesome! That's commutable from my mother's.
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[User Picture]From: sobrique
2008-12-18 08:10 pm (UTC)
Your mum plays maelstrom? OMG!
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